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agata byczkowska

Babies love and need to be held. Parents need to eat sometimes.

Babywearing comes to the rescue!

The list of benefits of babywearing is very long. If you already know you would like to wear your baby I am more than happy to share my knowledge of a trained ClauWi consultant and my experience as a babywearing mom with you.

During a consultation I will tell you about safe babywearing practices, about the physiological and psychological aspects of carrying young children and their development in the first year of life, the many benefits of babywearing including creating a strong bond with parents. I also talk about various types of carrying aids, woven and stretchy wraps and different carriers. Together we analyse your situation and select the carrying options most suitable for your family. Parents are able to practice on a special demo doll before moving on to trying their new skills with their child, using their own carrying equipment or some of mine.


PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS for one or both parents in the comfort of their own home (Berlin or Warsaw) where they can relax and concentrate on the task at hand, feed and change their baby when needed. We can also meet at another place they will find most comfortable.

For those who live elsewhere I am happy to meet you via skype!

FOR PREGNANT MOMS AND DADS TO BE – We can meet before your baby arrives so you can learn the basics, choose your carrier and feel confident and prepared to wrap from day one. I will present and explain many possible options and be your guide to the world of babywearing. This option includes a second shorter meeting after the baby is born, so you can put the theory into practice safely.

AFTER THE BABY IS BORN – I can visit you anytime after your baby is born, it’s never too early or too late to start wearing your baby or improving your technique!

ADVANCED – After your baby has grown we can meet again so you can learn more advanced carries, practice moving your baby to your back safely, talk about different carrying options.

SMALL GROUP WORKSHOPS if you and a few friends would like to learn how to wear together or you would like to include other care givers of your child we can meet in a small group.


BIGGER GROUPS WORKSHOPS AND TALKS – I offer talks about babywearing at events, childbirth classes, mothers’ clubs etc.

I can also give you a crash course at CLOTH DIPERING your baby and introducing solids using the BLW method!


RENT A WRAP – If you don’t own a wrap of your own, I have a small (but always growing) sling library, so before you make up your mind you can try and test some options.

If you have a sling that needs mending, it’s too long, or you would like it converted to a ring sling I give professional SEWING SERVICES too!

Contact me for dates and pricing!

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